OpenOffice for Windows 3.2.1

Jun 11, 2010


Minor update to the comprehensive office suite

Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Type: freeware

Manufacturer: OpenOffice

Size: 149MB

Rating: 5

Verdict: This is a major release and big update to the popular Office-compatible free office suite and is certainly worth investigating

OpenOffice is a free fully fledged office application suite, complete with a word processor, spreadsheet, database and presentation graphics program.

OpenOffice is a suite of office software, including a fully featured word processor, spreadsheet, database and presentation graphics program that are all compatible with Microsoft Office, along with an HTML editor, a maths and a drawing package. You can also export as the free open office document format, which is compatible with other office suites such as Lotus Symphony Suite.

This is the official release of OpenOffice 3. The most immediately visible change to 3.0 is the new "Start Centre" , new fresh-looking icons, and a new zoom control in the status bar. Other highlights include Notable Calc improvements, including a new solver component; support for spreadsheet collaboration through workbook sharing; and an increase to 1024 columns per sheet. Writer has an improved notes feature and displays of multiple pages while editing. There are numerous Chart enhancements, and an improved crop feature in Draw and Impress.

The download here is for the Windows version. The latest OpenOffice 3.1 contains a wide number of new features and improvements, including improved support for the rendering of graphical images using anti-aliasing.

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