Bullzip PDF Printer

May 31, 2010


Output just about any document as a PDF file

Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Type: free for personal use only


Size: 4.4MB

Rating: 3

Verdict: Interesting tool that will enable small organisations to produce a PDF document from any Windows applications, although there are better self-contained tools such as doPDF

When working with other users, there are few guaranteed ways of producing content that’s viewable across multiple computers, irrespective of operating system or age of computer. Sure you could simply output your work as a GIF or JPEG image (and many do) and email or make it available for download on your website. However, it’s almost impossible to produce a document with multiple pages as an image.

The solution is a PDF document. Output anything as a PDF document and the contents should be retained, along with the correct layout, fonts, images and more. When the end user downloads your PDF document, then they will see it exactly as it appeared on your computer, even though they do not have the fonts installed on their machine. If they choose to print your document, the output will appear as it did on-screen.

If you want your end user to be able to print your document commercial, a key advantage a PDF document is that it will enable you to output your work as either a web-quality file or something that can be managed by a commercial printer. The only difference is the size of the final document.

Perfect, or it would be if you could output your work as a PDF document on a Windows machine. On a Mac, PDF support has been built-in to OS X from launch. Some Windows applications do include PDF support, such as a DTP tool.

The answer is one of the many free PDF creation tools that exist on the market. Bullzip PDF Printer is one of these free PDF creation tools and will enable you to produce a PDF document that can be used on the web or for commercial reproduction. It’s free for personal and commercial use, for small organisations with up to 10 users.

Note that, unlike doPDF and others, this requires Ghostscript installed which is an opensource Postscript to PDF conversion tool.

The latest v7 now ships with Windows 7 support.

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