Mozilla Firefox 3.6.8

Jun 28, 2010


Minor release of the popular web browser

Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Type: freeware

Manufacturer: Mozilla

Size: 8.3MB

Rating: 5

Verdict: The final, official and much-welcome release

Some users were disappointed with the release of Mozilla Firefox 2.0. After months of betas, release candidates and previews, the new features weren’t as spectacular as people expected. However, there is only so much you can do to improve a web browser.

With the release of Mozilla Firefox 3, Mozilla decided to work hard on speeding up the rendering engine, so the web graphics has received a completely new upgrade. Dubbed ‘ Cairo’, the new graphics rendering engine should improve the output across different platforms, as it’s being developed as an open-standard.

With other improvements in the way that pages are ‘painted’ on screen, improved SVG support and CSS enhancements, the general improvements for Firefox 3.0 are based around the way it will render web pages through the browser. The new browser also ships with a new user-interface, improved bookmarks and many other new features.

The latest v3.6 release ships with a number of new features including improved performance, security and stability.

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