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Govt must store data in retention regime: iiNet
3 hours ago by Allie Coyne in Security | Comment Now 
Calls for correcting of ‘inaccurate and misleading’ metadata claims.
ANZ banks on universities for tech R&D
4 hours ago by Brett Winterford in Strategy | Comment Now 
Uses sourcing data to put the squeeze on vendors.
Govt trial finds smart grids could save $28bn in electricity costs
3 hours ago by Allie Coyne in Software | Comment Now 
But some technical issues will need to be addressed.
ABC to make the switch to cloud email
7 hours ago by Paris Cowan in Software | Comment Now 
As budget pressures descend.
Customs appoints new CIO, disbands CTO in restructure
8 hours ago by Allie Coyne in Strategy | Comment Now 
Noble removed from IT to lead merger, Brugeaud promoted.
NBN Co sets September FTTP service date for TPG areas
22 hours ago by Allie Coyne in Telco/ISP | Comment Now 
Product to go live in two months.
Microsoft targeted in Chinese government inquiry
7 hours ago in Security | Comment Now 
Officials descend on offices unannounced.
Brandis' anti-piracy proposal won't work
[Opinion] Forcing ISPs to punish users is not the solution.
Popular Android apps inherit bugs from recycled code
1 day 2 hours ago by Brett Winterford in Security | Comment Now 
Study reveals security concerns in top 50 list.
Defence contractor ditched over data offshoring
1 day 1 hour ago by Paris Cowan in Security | Comment Now 
Personnel info sent overseas since 2012.


Koler ransomware hit Australia hard Depicts fake threats from Australian law enforcement.
EFF claims NSA 'digital dragnet' unconstitutional Asks court to rule on mass surveillance.
eBay data breach sparks lawsuit Disgruntled customers seek damages.
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